Friday, 7 May 2010

UDM plug-in build 2010-05-07

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Install by dropping userdatamanager.rhp in the Rhinoceros window OR use the plug-ins menu.
Type UserDataManager in the command line window to call the user interface.

What's new in build 2010-05-07:
New features:
  • In the filter tab: changed the type of filter list views from list to details. Scrolling is now vertical.
  • In the filter tab: text dots can be added to objects with key or value entries. Use one active filtered key for best result. The name of the value text dots reflects their key.
Enhanced features:
  • When adding key/value pairs, the warning message only appears if the key is already present on the selected objects.
Bug fixes:
  • Zoom to objects works now as Rhinoceros zoom selected command 

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