Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Port of the User Data Manager plug-in to VB.NET

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Install by dropping userdatamanager.rhp in the Rhinoceros window OR use the plug-ins menu.
Type UserDataManager in the command line window to call the user interface.

The User Data Manager has been ported to VB.NET. This increases a lot the usability thanks to a completely new GUI. It is now much easier to attach text information to any type of object in Rhinoceros.
The interface contains 4 tabs:
  • Data: this is the list of the data you attached to your objects. You can auto-zoom to selection.
  • Add: you may attach as much data as you need to your model objects. The format is Key = Value.
  • Filter: Filtering helps focusing on the right data in the data tab. Filter applies to both keys and values.
  • Utilities: Search and replace in keys and values, backup and restore you data to tab delimited files, export to Excel for further filtering and analysis.
This test version will cease working on July 1st, 2010. Your computer must have an internet connection to check the time license validity.

This is a Beta, so be sure to save your work often. Most of the bugs are now gone and crashing is unlikely. Still, I take no responsibility for wasted work. This plug-in can not damage files, due to its nature.
Please report bugs and don't be afraid to make suggestions.

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